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Add E-Signature support for SAML

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Add E-Signature support for SAML

Configure the following properties for E-Signature with SAML 2.0 update 1.

When E-signature is active with Multi-SSO, SAML properties are not used. The system adds E-signature properties to the SAML2 Update1 Properties [saml2_update1_properties] table:

Property Description Default
Assertion Consumer Index for eSignature authentication An index number that identifies the endpoint. 1
Assertion Consumer URL for eSignature authentication The URL that identifies the consumer.
AuthnRequest URL for eSignature Authentication The URL for authentication none

If you are using E-Signature with SAML 1.0 or SAML 2.0 (not including update 1), see the special configuration instructions: Using E-Signature with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Note: If you are a Life Science Customer using E-Signature, deactivate the User self-lockout prevention business rule. See KB0547061 for more information.