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Review index suggestions for slow queries

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Review index suggestions for slow queries

You can review index suggestions and indexes created by the Index Suggestion Engine (ISE). The ISE provides three main views of index suggestions as they move through their life cycle: index suggestions in review, index in progress, and index done.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Access index suggestions from the Application Navigator or the Performance homepage.


  1. Access the index suggestions for your instance:
    From the Application Navigator Navigate to System Diagnostics > Index Suggestions > Index Suggestions > To review.
    From the Performance homepage If the suggestion icon indicates that one or more index suggestions are available, (Lightbulb icon for index suggestion), click it to open the Suggested Indexes window, and click View all suggested indexes.
    Note: In the Suggested Indexes window, click View next to a specific table to open its index suggestion record in the Suggestion Details—Add Index form. This form is the same as the Index Suggestion form described later in this task.
  2. In the Index Suggestions table, click the Table Name associated with the index suggestion you want to view.
    Index Suggestions table
  3. Review the index suggestion for the selected table.
    Index suggestion
    Table 1. Index Suggestion fields
    Field Description
    Slow query The slow query for which the index suggestion was generated.
    Example An actual SQL statement for an individual query, before being canonicalized to aggregate it with similar queries.
    Table name Name of the table used in the query.
    Column names Names of the columns used in the query.
    Index name Name of the index, assigned by the ISE after the index is created.
    State Processing state of the index. For details, see the Index suggestion states table.
    Imported This box, if checked, indicates that the index suggestion was imported from a different instance for evaluation and testing.
  4. Choose the next processing step for the index suggestion.
    Export Downloads the index suggestion as an .xml file, which can be exported to a non-production instance for testing and evaluation.
    Ignore Changes the index suggestion state to ignore, which indicates the index suggestion is no longer active and available for index creation. Index suggestions with an Ignore state are listed in the Index Suggestions > Done view of the Index Suggestion table.
    Schedule creation Opens the Schedule Index Creation window to schedule an index suggestion for creation.