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Translate the content of a translated text field

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Translate the content of a translated text field

After a translated text field or translated HTML field has been created and is in use, it displays English when viewed in a different language until the content is translated.

About this task

Be sure to confirm that the field is in fact a translated text field, and not a regular text or HTML field, for example, by right-clicking the field and choosing Personalize Dictionary.

The method below works best for one-off translations. To translate large numbers of translated text fields, use the Exporting Untranslated Strings method.


  1. Use the language picker to switch to the language the field's content is being translated to.
  2. Navigate to the field on the form.
  3. Replace the English text with the text of the target language.
  4. Submit.

    Now the text will display English when the user's language is English and in the new language when the user's language is set to that new language.