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Define locales

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Define locales

The base system allows you to specify your locale so information such as dates, times, and currencies display properly based on your location.

Note: Functionality described here requires the Currency Support for Service Catalog Plugin plugin. This plugin is automatically installed for new instances.

By default, the base system uses US standard formatting where the current default is the US dollar sign ($) displayed with two decimal places: $100.00. By customizing your locale, you can make things such as currency appear as you expect. For example, in France, you may want to see 100,00 € instead of $100.00.

How you display and utilize various locale information within your application form depends on how you want to use the information. For example, if you make a country field a reference field, then users can select from predetermined options. Also, script logic can then use the predetermined values of those options. If you want to avoid bad values or want to run scripts based on these values, use a reference field. If the country field is a simple string field, then users can enter whatever information they desire. Most companies restrict such free-form input to administrators or implementers who are setting up features and core company data. For example, do you want the country name to be “United States of America”, “USA”, “United States”, or “US.”