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Restrict filters and breadcrumbs with fixed queries

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Restrict filters and breadcrumbs with fixed queries

The record list view allows users to navigate to different subsets of a table using breadcrumbs and filters. You can limit access to parts of the table by restricting active links in breadcrumbs or by suppressing breadcrumbs and filters for specific roles.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

A breadcrumb option enables an administrator to control the base view of a record list presented to users. By adding a fixed query to the argument for a module, an administrator can prevent users from expanding their view past a specified starting point. The argument for this fixed query is written as &sysparm_fixed_query=active=true. A use case for this query is to prevent users from using the breadcrumbs to switch a list of open incidents to a list of all incidents. When users select Incident > Open, they are limited to viewing and filtering a list of open (active=true) incidents.

Note: A new Create ACL allows all users to save filters by default. This overrides any custom ACLs in place if administrators are restricting filter access. The new ACL gives all users access to the User field by default, and access to the Group field only if users have the filter_group role and are in the currently selected group.


  1. Perform the appropriate action for your version of the UI:
    UI16 Point to the application menu that contains the module to edit and click the edit application (pencil) icon.

    To open the module directly, point to the module and click the edit module (pencil) icon.

    UI15 Right-click the application in the navigation pane and select Edit Application.
  2. Select the module to edit.
    For example, select Open.
  3. In the Link Type section of the Module form, select List of Records for the Link type.
  4. Delete the Active is true filter, if present.
  5. Add &sysparm_fixed_query=active=true to the Arguments field and update the record.
    Add fixed query argument
  6. Navigate to Incidents > Open and examine the breadcrumbs.
    The Active=true link is the widest view permitted in the list of Open incidents shown. The breadcrumb for All is not a link because of the fixed query.
    Breadcrumb for All is not linked