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Map report objects

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Map report objects

Map objects define the different levels that users can drill down into on a map report and the data displayed on these levels. Admins can create and manage these objects.

Each map report contains a map source hierarchy, which configures the data for a map level. The report also contains a map hierarchy, which defines the map drill levels. The Level field connects levels for these hierarchies. For example, the data in the Level 1 map is displayed on the Level 1 map object.

Note: A set of predefined map sources and maps are available by default. Use these predefined objects whenever possible. If you need a map source that does not exist, generate it automatically using Generate map source levels link on the map source form, then customize it. You can automatically generate map source levels only for map sources that reference the location table. These map sources have a field that ends in .location.
Architecture of objects used in map reports.
Table 1. Map objects
Object Description
Map source Defines a set of data to display on a map report.

The map source that a user selects in the Map data field when creating a map report is actually a map source hierarchy. There is one map source level for each drill level on the map. The top map source in the hierarchy is not a level, but rather a wrapper for other hierarchy levels. Each map source contains the data for a single map hierarchy drill level, with both having the same Level.

Because they both specify the data that is used for a report, a map source is similar to a report source. However, in a map source you select a field to report on instead of a table.

Map The map that data is displayed on. Maps are set up in a hierarchy defined by parent-child relationships. Each hierarchy level is a drill level on the map report. A JSON definition (geoJSON definition for geographical maps) defines the actual map layout.

Select an existing map or create a new one. You can optionally define conditions for a map, which further filters the data it displays.

Mappings Transform the data in a map source to a value that can be displayed on a map.

Mappings are organized into the Countries and State / Province mapping groups. During map source configuration, you select the mapping group to transform the data in that source. The mapping group that you select must match the Field that you have selected.

For example, a map source that has a Field value of Locations Country would use the Country mappings group. A map source that has a Field value of Locations State / Province would use the Region and state mappings mapping group.