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Get started with a ServiceNow instance on your mobile device

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Get started with a ServiceNow instance on your mobile device

Use your smartphone or tablet to access an instance in a web browser or the ServiceNow Classic mobile app. The mobile UI varies depending on your device, the way your administrator has configured the mobile UI for your company, and whether you access your instance from the ServiceNow Classic mobile app or mobile browser.

Before you begin

You can access your instance from a web browser on your mobile device or from the ServiceNow Classic mobile app. Depending on your device, go to the iTunes store or the Google Play store and search for ServiceNow to download the native mobile app. If you do not have access to the mobile platform, contact your administrator.

What to do

Access an instance on your mobile device
To open an instance on a mobile device:
For mobile web access, add a shortcut to an instance browser page on your mobile device.
Set up homepage favorites
Use the application navigator to find modules and applications.
Create and edit favorite modules or applications to appear as icons on your homescreen.
In the ServiceNow Classic mobile app, add a visualization to the favorites on your homepage.
Use lists on a mobile device
View a list on your mobile device by tapping a homescreen favorite or by opening a module from the application navigator.
Search for specific records in a mobile list.
Use Mobile lists on tablet.
Use Service Catalog, Connect Chat, location, and barcode scanning
Use Navigate the mobile service catalog to order materials.
Collaborate and stay connected with other users using Connect Chat.
Allow the app to access your location and camera to check in or scan barcodes.
Manage your notification settings
Use Notification Settings to enable or disable the notifications that you receive and the channels for receiving them.