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Create outages

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Create outages

Service commitments for availability can be adjusted with commitments for maintenance to accommodate planned outages.

About this task

Service Portfolio Management tracks and reports on outages for all service offerings that include availability commitments. Outages are recorded manually and tracked in reports in service offering records and in the Service Subscription gauges added to home pages of users. There are three types of outages:
  • Outage: Unplanned outages such as those caused by hardware or network issues. The only type of Outage considered when calculating availability of a service.
  • Planned outage: Necessary outages caused by planned maintenance or upgrades.
  • Degradation: Indicates a problem affecting a service that does not result in a disruption of that service.


  1. Open a blank outage record using one of the following methods:
    • Navigate to Business Services > Outages.
    • Right-click the header bar of a service subscription gauge in a home page with a status of Available and select Create Outage record from the choice list.
  2. In the outage record, select the service offering from the list in the Configuration item field.
  3. Select an outage Type.
  4. Enter the text in the Message field that appears in the service offering gauge.
    When added to the homepage, this gauge is called My Services.
  5. Define the length of the outage.
  6. Select the Begin and End dates and times with the calendar, or enter the Duration as a function of days and hours.
  7. Add a description of the outage in the Short Description field or leave it blank.

    If you leave this field blank, the system adds a description automatically when you save the outage record, using the format <configuration item name> Outage. If vendor ticketing is activated, the system uses the short description to identify this outage in the Related outage field of the Vendor Credit form.

  8. Click Submit.
    The outage is used to evaluate the availability of the offering and appears in the reports generated for this offering.
    Figure 1. Service commitment outage
    Service commitment outage