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Adjust a contract

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Adjust a contract

After creating a contract, you can adjust it as necessary.

Before you begin

Role required: contract_manager or admin

About this task

For example, you may need to change the start date, end date, or payment amount for a contract. If a contract has a rate card, the rate card start date, end date, and base cost can also be adjusted. To adjust a contract, the State should be Active. If the end date of a contract rate card changes, the end date of any associated assets changes to match.


  1. Navigate to Contract Management > Contract > All.
  2. Select a contract in Active state.
  3. Click Adjust.
    Contract adjust with rate
  4. Double-click in any field to edit information.
    Table 1. Adjust contract values
    Field Description
    Contract Start Date Date on which the contract takes effect.
    Contract End Date Date on which the contract expires.
    Contract Payment Amount Total amount paid for the contract. If the contract has one or more rate cards, this field shows the total of all rate card base costs.
    Rate Card Name Name of the rate card.
    Start date Date on which the rate card values take effect.
    End date Date on which the rate card values expire.
    Base cost Amount that must be paid before taxes.
  5. Click Apply changes to contract and rate cards.