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Requesting improvements

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Requesting improvements

Identify improvement opportunities within your environment and create an improvement request to begin implementation.

You can request improvements either manually from Continual Improvement Management, or from an application that is integrated with Continual Improvement Management.

Continual Improvement Management integration with other applications lets you:
  • Create an improvement initiative from within other applications
  • Create a record for another application as part of an improvement initiative or CIM task

Identifying improvement opportunities

There are many different ways you can identify improvements in your organization. Improvement opportunities need not to be limited to the applications you use, your area of expertise, or your specific group.

You can identify improvement opportunities based on feedback from other groups.

Process manager or process owner
Reach out to the process manager or process owner to identify improvement suggestions for a process that is not working well.
IT, development, and project management groups
Reach out to the IT staff, development team, and project management staff for improvement suggestions, and provide the Improvement Requester role so they can submit an improvement request from within an integrated application with one click.

You can also identify improvement opportunities from within many different applications.

Review customer feedback and complaints and send additional assessments soliciting customers for improvement opportunity suggestions.
Performance Analytics
Monitor process KPIs and internal process assessments in Performance Analytics reports to identify improvement opportunities.
Compare KPI performance with Benchmarks baseline reports, and identify improvement opportunities in Benchmarks recommendations.
Review undesirable trends in reports to identify improvement opportunities.
Problem Management and Change Management
Review Problem Management and Change Management trend reports to identify improvement opportunities.
Risk and GRC Audits
Review Risk registers and GRC Audit test failures to discover improvement opportunities.
IT Service Management
Review ITSM regularly to identify improvement opportunities for what is not working well.