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On-call schedules

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On-call schedules

The On-Call Schedules page provides a tiled view of schedules that are categorized under Your Pinned On-Call Schedules, Your On-Call Schedules, and All On-Call Schedules. The grouping of schedules helps you to have easy access to your most required schedules rather than having you to search through all the schedules in the system.

On-Call Schedules is part of the On-Call Scheduling [com.snc.on_call_rotation] plugin and is available to both new and upgrade customers as part of the london release.

A user with itil, rota_manager or rota_admin role is able to view the On-Call Schedules.

The categories of schedules available on the On-Call Schedules page are as follows:
  • Your Pinned On-Call Schedules: Displays a personalized list of who is on-call for the groups you are most interested in. You can pin groups to this category for easier access.
  • Your On-Call Schedules: Displays only the On-Call Schedules that you manage or are a member of.
  • All On-Call Schedules: Displays the list of all groups that have active On-Call Schedules. You can also find who is on-call for groups that you have not pinned.

If you want to pin a tile, hover over the tile and click the pin (Pin a tile) icon. If you want to unpin a tile, click the pin icon again.

Each tile on the On-Call Schedules page represents who is on-call for a particular group at that time. It is structured to show the group name such as Service Desk, the Rota name such as Global and the Rosters such as Primary and Secondary.

On-call schedules are loaded on the client side in batches of 20 although this number can be modified using the com.snc.on_call_rotation.landing_page.group_limit property. For more information on On-Call Schedules properties, refer Properties installed with on-call scheduling.

When you click any listed user, a pop-up window appears with related information of that user such as the contact number, email address, the group and the rotation to which the user belongs. To send a message to the user directly, click the Send a direct message button. For more information on real-time messaging, refer to Connect.

Each tile displays only the first two rosters. If there are more than two rosters, a Show all rosters link appears. When you click Show all rosters, the On-Call Members: <schedule-group-name> window appears. The left side of the window has a filter function to filter user based on name. A list of all rosters with active on-call member involved in the on-call schedule appears below the filter box. The right side of the window displays the detailed information related to an on-call member. By default, the details of the Primary roster on-call member is displayed.

On-Call Schedules also enables you to see the presence status of on-call members. For more information on presence, refer to User presence.

If you want to have a calendar view of the schedules, click the tile. For more information on on-call scheduling calendars, refer View on-call calendar.
Note: If you navigate to the On-Call Calendars page from the On-Call Schedules page, a back button (Back arrow) appears on the top-left of the On-Call Calendars page. You can click the back button on the On-Call Calendars page to navigate back to the On-Call Schedules page.