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Create a compute profile

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Create a compute profile

A compute profile specifies the hardware to use for newly-provisioned virtual machines. A compute profile maps to a cloud account, a datacenter, and a hardware template.

Before you begin

  • Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin
  • You must have a cloud account with datacenters. You must run Discovery on the service accounts to populate the datacenters.


  1. In the Cloud Admin Portal, navigate to Manage > Resource Profiles.
  2. In the Profiles list, select Compute Profile and then click New.
  3. Enter a unique and descriptive Name and Description for the profile and then click Submit.
    The profile is created.
  4. Click the resource profile that you created.
  5. Map the profile to a template:
    1. In the list, click the profile that you created.
    2. In the Profile Mappings related list, click New, fill in the form, and then click Submit.
      Figure 1. Example compute profile
      Compute resource profile
      Field Description
      Cloud Account Select a cloud account that the profile is valid for.
      Location Select the datacenter that the profile is valid for.
      Hardware Template


      Select the hardware type that the profile should be mapped to.

      Click the reference icon (Reference icon) to view the details of the template.