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Allocation workbench

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Allocation workbench

The allocation workbench provides resource managers with a comprehensive view of capacity, allocations, utilization, and availability for the resources. Use the workbench to make sure that your resources are being managed effectively.

Allocation boards

Allocation Boards page shows all your allocation boards at a single location.

When you open the Allocation Workbench module, you land into the Allocation Board page where in you can:
  • create a personalized allocation board through a filter definition. A board groups the resources based on filter criteria.
  • click a board to open the list of resources under that criteria in the allocation workbench.
  • search an allocation board.
  • view boards in different color bands based on the applied Type filter such as group, role, portfolio, or program.

The allocation workbench consists of the following sections:

Resource grid

The top section on the workbench enables you to:
  • Create resource plans for the demands and projects. You can create a resource plan at a group, role, or user level.
  • View and manage all the resource plans in one place.
  • View and update resource allocations for each resource plan in a grid view.
Use the grid view to:
  • Edit the planned, confirmed, and allocated hours inline without opening the record in a form.
  • Confirm or allocate resource plans.
  • Group, hide, or show columns as per your requirement.

Resource finder

Resource finder section is available at the bottom of the allocation workbench. The section is hidden by default and can be made visible by clicking the resource finder icon Screenshot for Resource Finder icon in the top right of the workbench. It enables you to:
  • Search the resources and view their availability and utilization. You can search the resources by group, role, or user.
  • Add or confirm resource plans for the searched resources.

When you select a resource plan in the resource grid section, the availability details of the associated resources are displayed in the resource finder section. For example, if a group resource plan is selected, the availability details of the group and its members are displayed in the Finder section. When you change the selection, the finder is automatically updated based on the current selection.