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Installed with teamspaces

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Installed with teamspaces

The tables and roles that are installed with project teamspaces are prefixed with an abbreviation based on the name of teamspace.


The tables are extended from the Project, Idea, and Demand base application tables.
Table 1. Tables installed with teamspaces
Tables Description
Idea [prefix_idea] Stores ideas.
Demand [prefix_demand] Stores demands.
Project [prefix_project] Store projects.
Portfolio [prefix_portfolio] Stores portfolios.
Project Task [prefix_project_task] Stores project tasks.
Portfolio Goal [prefix_portfolio_goal] Stores portfolio goals.
Portfolio Issues [prefix_portfolio_issue] Stores portfolio issues.
Portfolio Risk [prefix_portfolio_risk] Stores portfolio risks.
Portfolio Project [prefix_portfolio_project] Stores portfolio projects.
Project Template [prefix_project_template] Stores project templates.
Note: Project templates that are created in a teamspace area are not available in the main Project Management application any longer. They are only available to the teamspace in which they were created.
Project Template Task [prefix_project_template_task] Stores project template tasks.
Stakeholder Register [prefix_stakeholder_register] Stores the stakeholders.
Program [prefix_pm_program] Stores programs.
Program Task [prefix_pm_program_task] Stores program tasks.
Program Task [prefixpm_program_task project_status] Stories program task project status.


Table 2. Roles installed with teamspaces
Role Description
prefix_demand_manager Managers of the demand features for the teamspace.
prefix_demand_user Users of the demand features for the teamspace.
prefix_project_manager Managers of the project features for the teamspace.
prefix_project_portfolio_user Users of the project portfolios for the teamspace.
prefix_project_user Users of the project features for the teamspace.
prefix_program_manager Managers of the program features for the teamspace.
prefix_portfolio_manager Managers of the portfolio features for the teamspace.
The teamspace application uses the same views that are provided in the Project, Idea, and Demand base applications.
Note: Default client scripts that these base applications use are inherited by the extended tables in the teamspace application. If you created custom client scripts for any of the base applications, select the Inherited options on each Client Script form before you create the teamspace.