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Populate the stakeholder registry

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Populate the stakeholder registry

Add users to the stakeholder registry so that demand and project management can automatically populate the stakeholder list when a user creates a demand or project.

Before you begin

Role required: it_pps_admin


  1. Navigate to Project Administration > Settings > Stakeholders.
    You can also scroll to the Stakeholders related list on the Demand or Project form and click New to create a record.
  2. Click New to create a new record.
  3. On the stakeholder register form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Stakeholder Register Form fields
    Field Description
    Number Unique identification number for the stakeholder. This number is automatically generated when a new entry is created.
    User Name of user being added to the stakeholder registry.
    Portfolio A group of activities managed to align to business or operational objectives. Typically, portfolios are named according to the business units of an organization.
    Level of Interest Level of interest that the stakeholder has in pursuing the demand or project.
    Assessment recipient Indication of whether the user is authorized to receive assessment questionnaires for a demand.
    Approver Indication of whether the user has authority to approve demands or change requests in projects.
    Influence Level of influence the user has over the group assessing the demand or project.
    Engagement Indication of the way the user is engaged with the demand or project.
    Function Function of user in the demand or project process.
    Note: When adding a user to the stakeholder registry, the combination of the user and the assigned portfolio must be unique. However, there can be more records for the same user but with different portfolio.