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Create an assessment type

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Create an assessment type

The risk manager can create a new set of questions for each risk assessment.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_risk.asmt_creator or sn_risk.manager or sn_risk.administrator


  1. Navigate to Risk > Administration > Assessment Types.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Assessment Metric Type
    Field Description
    Name The name of the assessment type.
    Assessment duration Amount of time assessors have to complete their assigned questionnaires, starting from the time the assessment is generated.

    [Required] Table that contains the records you want to evaluate. The system creates assessable records for records on this table that meet the conditions you specify, if any. The number of matching records appears as a link by the Condition field. The link dynamically updates if you change the table selection. Click the link to open the list of matching records in a new tab or window.

    Note: Additional roles are required to view the records on certain tables. If you select a table that you do not have access to, a warning message appears by the Condition field where the number of matching records would be. You cannot generate assessable records for tables you do not have sufficient roles for.
    Scale factor

    [Required] Number to represent the best possible score for assessment results. All results for assessments of this type are scaled to this number. 10 is generally a good scale factor.

    Note: This field becomes read-only when it contains a value and you save the metric type. Choose a scale factor you are satisfied with before you save the metric type.
    Condition builder that defines specific records to assess from the selected table. If you do not specify any conditions, the system creates assessable records for all records on the selected table. Click the refresh icon to update the adjacent record count.
    Note: If you change the table or conditions, you must click Generate Assessable Records to create new assessable records.
    Description Helpful information about this type. Enter a clear description of the type and its purpose.
    State [Read-Only] Status of the assessment: Draft or Published.
    Enforce condition Check box that determines what happens to assessable records when you change the selected table or conditions.
    Additional user roles that can view the results and access records associated with this type. Users with the specified roles have read access to this type record as well as to associated categories, metrics, assessable records and scorecards, category users, stakeholders, and decision matrices.
    Note: Users with these roles do not have access to Assessments modules unless they are also assessment administrators. Users with these roles can navigate to the records by other means, such as from reference fields on assessment instances. This field provides the option to easily grant certain users access to specific assessment data in special cases. For example, the Vendor metric type provides access to users with the vendor_manager role so they can view results and compare assessable records when they open scorecards or decision matrices in the Vendor Performance application.
  4. Click Submit.