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Activate dynamic scheduling

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Activate dynamic scheduling

Activate the dynamic scheduling feature by activating the Field Service Management plugin (com.snc.work_management).

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Field Service Management plugin activates the Dynamic Scheduling plugin (com.snc.dynamic_scheduling) and adds the following module to the Field Service menu in the application navigator: Field Service > Administration > Dynamic Scheduling Configuration.

The following tables are installed with dynamic scheduling:
Table Description


Stores the unassignment constraints for the dynamic scheduling feature.
Dynamic Scheduling Configuration


Stores the configurations for the dynamic scheduling feature. Configurations include the selected task table, task filters, task ordering rules, and task unassignment constraints.
Task Filter


Stores the task filters for a dynamic scheduing configuration. Filters identify a list of tasks to be assigned using dynamic scheduling.
Task Ordering Rule


Stores the task ordering rules for a dynamic scheduling configuration. Ordering rules prioritize the list of tasks identified by the task filters.
Un-Assignment Constraint


Stores the task unassignment constraints for a dynamic scheduling configuration. Constraints prevent a task from being unassigned even if it is of lower importance based on the task ordering rules.