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View an agent's status in Central Dispatch

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View an agent's status in Central Dispatch

Use Central Dispatch to see if an agent is ahead of schedule, behind schedule, or on time.

Agents are responsible for updating their schedule status. An agent can update this information from the mobile UI by navigating to the Field Service menu and selecting the Schedule Status option, then selecting the desired status in the On schedule field.

After updating, there are two ways for a dispatcher to view an agent's status:
  • Adding the status to the display fields in the Team list.
  • Viewing the status on the User form for a selected agent.

In Central Dispatch, the Team list displays the agents in a dispatch group. The dispatcher can configure the information displayed for each agent in this list, including the agent's status. See Configure central dispatch for more information about displaying the Schedule Status field in the Team list.

Click an agent name in the Team list to display the agent's User form. The On schedule field displays the agent's current status:
  • On time
  • Behind schedule, less than 30 minutes
  • Behind schedule, between 30-60 minutes
  • Behind schedule, more than an hour
  • Ahead of schedule