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Preventing empty elements in SOAP messages

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Preventing empty elements in SOAP messages

By default, an instance does not omit empty elements, elements with NULL or NIL values, from SOAP messages.

To prevent SOAP responses from containing empty elements, an administrator can create a system property called glide.soap.omit_null_values and set the value to true. This behavior is compliant with the WSDL as all elements in a SOAP message have a minOccurs=0 attribute and are therefore optional. In addition, this behavior prevents the instance from creating inefficient SOAP messages containing a large number of empty elements.

Set this property to false to allow SOAP messages to search for existing fields with empty values. For example, if an administrator wants to search for incidents with an empty Assigned to field from a SOAP message, then the SOAP message must be able to send an empty value for this field.
Note: Changing the value of this property may cause unintended actions in existing web service integrations. Administrators are strongly encouraged to carefully test the new behavior to ensure that existing integrations process empty elements as expected.