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Version records

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Version records

The Update Versions [sys_update_version] table contains records that represent the state of a customizable object at a particular time.

A customizable record is any object that is tracked by Update Sets, such as business rules or script includes. A new version record is created automatically whenever a user changes a customizable record or changes the application file for the customizable record.

A record represents the version of a base system object as it was delivered in the most recent upgrade. Baseline versions are created only for objects that have been modified by a user, and they are updated each time the system is upgraded.

Table 1. Update versions table
Field Description
Name A unique identifier for coalescing versions of the same customized record.
Record name Name of the customized record.
Source Indicator of how the version was added on the instance.
  • System Upgrade: from a software upgrade (the baseline version).
  • Update Set: from an update set that was created or committed on the instance.
  • Pull History: from a pull in Team Development.
State Indicator of whether the version is or has ever been loaded on the instance.
  • Current: the version is currently loaded.
  • Previous: the version has previously been loaded on the instance. When a current version is replaced by a new version, it becomes a previous version.
  • History: the version was never loaded on the instance and was only inserted for historical purposes, such as when pulling versions from the parent in Team Development.
Application The application for the customized record, if it is assigned to an application.
Payload The data for this version of the customized record.
Additional fields on the list view
Reverted from A reference to the older version record, if this version was created by reverting to an older version.
Fields that can be added by configuring the form
Instance Name The name of the remote instance where the version was originally created.
Instance ID The URL of the remote instance where the version was originally created.
Related lists on the form view
Version List All versions of the customized record that are available on the instance.