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Software Asset Management content service

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Software Asset Management content service

You can opt in to the Software Asset Management content service that enables you to provide unnormalized rules (match not found), and processor names from your organization anonymously so that new rules, and other content, can be created to improve the normalization service. Default is not opted in.

Software Asset Management content service is an IT asset management (ITAM) shared service that provides customers continual software recognition improvement. By securely providing ServiceNow the unrecognized details of discovered software artifacts, the Software Asset Management content service will, in return, anonymously supply updates to the Normalization Library. This new content improves your normalization hit ratios and enable you to better manage your software assets.

The ServiceNow privacy policy ensures that software details sent to the content service remain anonymous and secure, and will be properly disposed of after they are reviewed. However, you can choose to exclude specific software discovery models from being provided to ServiceNow on the Software Discovery Model form.

The normalization process acts only on active publishers, products, and rules. Obsolete rules are not used. If you wish to deactivate an entire content version, contact ServiceNow personnel (normalization can also be reverted and remapped to a new processor name).

Two KPIs are automatically enabled with Software Asset Management content service.
Table 1. Software Asset Management content service KPIs
KPI Definition Details transferred
Software Discovery Models A model created to classify and reduce duplication of software installs when new installs are identified.
Only software discovery models with this status are transferred:
  • Match not found
  • Publisher normalized
  • Partially normalized
  • Manually normalized
  • Discovered publisher
  • Discovered product
  • Discovered version
  • Normalized publisher
  • Normalized product
  • Normalized version
  • Edition
  • Language
  • Platform
  • Rule table
  • Rule ID
  • Status
  • Associated software install count
Processor Names Processor identified on a configuration item (CI).

Only processors mapped to the default processor factor are transferred.

  • CPU type
  • Core count
  • Speed

Opting out

You can opt out of Software Asset Management content service at any time.

When you opt out, your company no longer contributes to the improvement of the normalization service, nor receives content updates specific to your unique software installation footprint that exists within your environment and CMDB. However, you still receive general incremental normalization service updates based on the updates from other sources.

Your company can rejoin the Software Asset Management content service at any time.