Copy an image from the clipboard

In addition to adding files to a message, you can also copy images to the clipboard and paste them into a message or reply.

  1. Click into the Comment box and add a comment.
    Figure 1. Copy paste
    Copy paste
  2. Click the Add an image button.
    The Screenshots dialog box opens.
  3. Right-click the Paste an image here box and select Paste to paste the image from the clipboard.
    Figure 2. Copy pasted
    Copy pasted
  4. To add another image, repeat the previous steps.
  5. When you finish pasting images into the message, click Done.
  6. To change the link text, click Pasted Image and enter a new label.
  7. When you finish, click Post or Reply.
  8. To remove an image, click the trash can icon adjacent to the link.
  9. To make changes to an existing image, click the edit icon (Pencil).
    Note: The copy/paste functionality is supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11.