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Ask a social Q&A question

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Ask a social Q&A question

As a Social Q&A user, you can ask questions that other users can respond to.

Before you begin

Roles required: None


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge.
  2. Click Post a Question.
  3. Enter a value for the following fields.
    Table 1. Question fields
    Field Description
    Title Enter the question you have.
    Question details Enter additional details about the question that may help other users provide an answer.
    Knowledge base Select the knowledge base this question relates to. You can select only knowledge bases configured to allow Q&A.
    Category Select the knowledge category this question relates to. You can select only categories within the selected knowledge base. Questions without a category appear on the knowledge homepage in the (empty) category.
    Tags Enter one or more tags that describe the question.
  4. Click Post Question.

What to do next

To accept the answer, click the Accept link from within the answer. The accepted answer moves to the top of the list of answers. You can unaccept an answer by clicking Unaccept.
Note: You must be the owner of the question or the knowledge manager to accept an answer.