Differences between Notify and Legacy Notify

Describes the differences between the Notify and Legacy Notify applications, including architecture, workflows, Twilio support, and task-initiated conference calls.

Legacy Notify (com.snc.notifynow) Notify (com.snc.notify)
Manage a single number from a Twilio account per instance. Provides support for multiple numbers per Twilio account, especially gross-geographical scenarios.
Does not include support for customizable workflows for Voice and SMS incoming or outgoing scenarios. Workflow-driven approach for handling incoming and outgoing Voice and SMS events, making the integration easy to customize.
Hard-coded join conference SMS and IVR prompts for joining a conference call. Includes a configurable workflow for handling SMS and Voice IVR prompts.
Support for SMS-based answers and threaded conversations. Notify On Task support for sending SMS and initiating conference calls from any task.