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Uninstall a MID Server

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Uninstall a MID Server

The MID Server runs as a stand-alone service. You can remove a stand-alone MID Server service to accommodate such tasks as redeploying the MID Server to another host machine or changing the unique name of a MID Server when deploying multiple MID Servers.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Do one of the following to stop the running MID Server service.
    • Windows command line: From the MID Server home directory, for example from the agent folder, type stop.bat.
    • Windows Services console: From the Windows Services console, right-click the ServiceNow MID Server name and then select stop.
    • Linux: From the MID Server home directory, for example the agent folder, type
  2. From a command prompt, go to the \agent\bin directory in the MID Server installation directory.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Windows: Double-click the UninstallMID-NT.bat file.
    • Linux: Confirm that the MID Server is stopped by executing the bin/ status shell script. After the MID Server stops, delete the files in the agent directory.
  4. On Windows machines, check in the Windows Services console for a service named ServiceNow WMI Collector. If it is running, open a command prompt, navigate to agent\bin\sw_wmi\tools, double-click uninstall_wmi.bat