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Encrypt MID Server login credentials

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Encrypt MID Server login credentials

Encrypt the MID Server login credentials for added security.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Any field in the config.xml file can be encrypted, but once encrypted, a field can be managed only from within the instance. You should encrypt password fields only for the MID Server and any proxy server specified.
Note: An encryption interface is available that enables you to move encryption out of the config.xml file entirely and into an external system. For information about this interface and the methods provided, see MID Server configuration file security.


  1. Navigate to the agent directory that was created when the MID Server was installed and open the config.xml file using a text editor such as WordPad.
    The instance credentials section of the config.xml file looks like this:
    <!-- If your instance has authentication enabled (the normal case), set
    these parameters to define the user name and password the MID Server will use
    to log into the instance. --> 
    <parameter name="mid.instance.username" value="midsrvadmin" />
    <parameter name="mid.instance.password" value="securepassw0rd"/>
  2. Add the secure="true" attribute to the password tag.
    <parameter name="mid.instance.username" value="midsrvadmin" />
    <parameter name="mid.instance.password" secure="true" value="securepassw0rd"/>
  3. Save the config.xml file, and then restart the MID Server service.
  4. Open the config.xml file and view the encrypted password.
    <parameter name="mid.instance.username" value="midsrvadmin" />
    <parameter name="mid.instance.password" secure="true" value="encrypted:rhrfUNYRzZAI8/BkTtZmNA=="/>

    The password cannot be decrypted, which means displaying it in clear text again, by changing the encryption attribute to false or by deleting the attribute. If the password is changed in the config.xml file and the MID Server restarted, the new password is encrypted.