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ECC queue data encryption with the automation API

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ECC queue data encryption with the automation API

The automation API encrypts sensitive probe data that is sent from an instance to the MID Server through the ECC Queue.

You can use the automation API to encrypt data that you send from a custom application to the ECC queue and prevent that data from appearing in clear text. For example, you can encrypt a password used by a MID Server to authenticate on a REST endpoint.


The API provides these methods:
  • encrypt()
  • isEncrypted()
The following example shows how you might call these methods:
var automation_api = new sn_automation.AutomationAPI();
var password = ‘xyz';
var encrypted_password;
if (automation_api.isEncrypted(password))
    encrypted_password = password;
    encrypted_password = automation_api.encrypt(password);

The encrypted_password value can then be passed safely to the ECC Queue and on to the desired MID Server.