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PowerShell log property

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PowerShell log property

Enable debug messages to display from PowerShell.

This property enables control of when and where to display debug messages generated by debug statements embedded in the PowerShell scripts.
The new MID Server PowerShell log property:
  • Displays logging information.
    Note: Once logging is enabled, OOB PowerShell scripts log information.
  • Adds logging information to your developed PowerShell scripts and PowerShell activities.
    Note: Logging information is only available when property is enabled.
  • Logging is not enabled by default.
If the property is set to true, debug messages display from the workflow context or from the Response popup after you test inputs. The ecc_queue entry payload for each of the PowerShell activities is going to show all the debug messages that were logged.

Enable the PowerShell log property for each MID Server. If the MID Server field is empty, the property applies to all MID Servers. There are separate credential debug messages that always come back regardless of this setting. The credential debug messages show which credentials have been used and other related information.
Note: All the debug messages that come back to the instance are also saved to the MID Server log file. The log file might have additional debug messages generated from Java code, which might help the debug process.