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Defining Name Formats

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Defining Name Formats

The name format automatically generates a name for a document revision by arranging name components in a standard code to match naming conventions.

For example, a name format with the name components Type Code, Document Name, and Revision Number and the separator -, would be formatted as:


In this example, a policy (code POL) named IT Off-Boarding Policy, with revision number 1.0, and uploaded as a .docx file would have the name:

POL-IT Off-Boarding Policy-1.0.docx

To define a new name format, navigate to Managed Documents > Administration > Name Formats and click New.
Field Description
Name A unique name for the name format.
Separator A separator to put between each of the components. Hyphens (-) and underscores (_) are commonly used. Using alphanumeric characters can create a confusing name format.
Description A description of the name format.

Use the related list to add name components. Use the Order field to set the sequence in which name components are used.

The following name formats are defined in the base system.
Name Separator Description
Default _ The default format. Document name and revision separated by an underscore.
Default Policy _ The format for the policy document type.
Development documentation (no separator) The format for the software documentation type.
Development Sources (no separator) The format for the development and code sources type.
Intranet Improvement (no separator) The format for documents that describe intranet use.