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Knowledge article templates

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Knowledge article templates

Article templates have pre-defined fields structured in a specific order. These templates help create a consistent structure for knowledge articles.

Using the Knowledge Article Templates feature, as a knowledge administrator (a user with knowledge_admin role), you can create new article templates, add or customize fields in a template, and activate or deactivate a template.

As a security administrator (a user with security_admin role), you can configure field-level security in any template to make it visible to specific users.

As an author, you can create articles using pre-defined article templates or any newly created article templates.

Pre-defined knowledge article templates

Use either the Standard template or one of the pre-defined How To, What Is, FAQ or a KCS article templates.


When you upgrade from a previous release version of Knowledge Management, all existing articles from that release version automatically use the Standard template.

All pre-defined templates are inactive by default. If you do not activate a template, the articles automatically use the Standard template. As a knowledge admin, you can activate a template by navigating to Knowledge > Administration > Article Templates. Then in the article template list, set the Active field to true for one or more templates you would like to activate.

The table below lists the fields available in each template and the name of the template table.

Table 1. Pre-defined knowledge article templates
Template name Template fields Maps to table
  • Question
  • Answer
FAQ [kb_template_faq]
How To
  • Introduction
  • Instructions
How To [kb_template_how_to]
What Is
  • Introduction
  • Explanation
What Is [kb_template_what_is]
KCS Article
  • Issue
  • Environment
  • Cause
  • Resolution
KCS Article [kb_template_kcs_article]
Standard Text kb_knowledge

Activating knowledge article templates

The Knowledge Article Templates feature is activated with the Knowledge Management Advanced (com.snc.knowledge_advanced) plugin. For details, see Activate the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin.