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Article quality index for knowledge management

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Article quality index for knowledge management

Assess the quality of knowledge articles with the article quality index (AQI). The AQI helps maintain consistent quality of knowledge articles attached to a knowledge base where articles are written by various authors.

Using AQI feature, a knowledge administrator (a user with knowledge_admin role) creates a checklist and adds a set of true or false questions to the checklist to assess the quality of knowledge articles. For each question, the knowledge_administrator assigns a weight based on its importance to the quality measurement and then attaches the checklist to a knowledge base.

A knowledge reviewer (a user with knowledge_coach and knowledge_domain_expert role) performs AQI review on published knowledge articles attached to the knowledge base by answering the true or false questions in the checklist. The article quality is then scored based on the cumulative weight of all answers set to true in the checklist.

Activating article quality index

The article quality index feature is activated with the Knowledge Management Advanced (com.snc.knowledge_advanced) plugin. For details see, Activate the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin.