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Article versioning

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Article versioning

Use the Knowledge Management article versioning feature to create and maintain multiple versions of a knowledge article.

Knowledge contributors can create a new version of a knowledge article from an existing published version. This existing version can be either the latest published version or an older outdated version. All changes are stored in the new version of the article and the information in the existing article remains the same.

Activate the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin (com.snc.knowledge_advanced) to use the knowledge subscription feature.

If you import published knowledge articles from a ServiceNow instance that does not support article versioning, you must run the Initialize Versions on Articles fix script to enable article checkout and editing.

With the article versioning feature, knowledge users can:
  • Check out the latest version of a published article and create a new version.
  • Select a previously published (outdated) version of an article and make it current.
  • Recall an article that is being reviewed.
  • Retire the latest published version of an article.

There are two types of article revisions: major and minor. Minor revisions include updates to an article that has not yet been published. Major revisions include updates to an article that has been published and is available to customers. To track the different revisions, the article versioning feature introduces version numbering.

With the article versioning feature, the knowledge article number also includes the version number. All references to knowledge articles use this number format. For example, KB0010003 v2.0.