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OAuth 2.0 credentials

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OAuth 2.0 credentials

OAuth 2.0 credentials enable ServiceNow to obtain access to user accounts on an HTTP service.

These fields are available in the Credentials form for OAuth 2.0.
Table 1. OAuth 2.0 credentials form
Field Input value
Name Enter a unique and descriptive name for this credential. For example, you might call it OAuth2 credential.
Active Specify whether this credential is active.
OAuth Entity Profile An OAuth profile is a combination of a grant type and at least one scope.
Applies to Specify whether the credential is for all MID Servers, or specific MID servers. If specific, add the MID servers as necessary.

Enter the order (sequence) in which the platform tries this credential as it attempts to log on to devices. The smaller the number, the higher in the list this credential appears. Establish credential order when using large numbers of credentials or when security locks out users after three failed login attempts. If all the credentials have the same order number (or none), the instance tries the credentials in a random order.

Credential alias Specify the credential alias you want to tie to the OAuth 2.0 credential.