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Scheduling a workflow

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Scheduling a workflow

In addition to being run based on conditions, workflows can also be scheduled to perform at a particular time, similar to a scheduled job.

Scheduled workflows do not have a defined current record and do not run on specific records within a table. Due to this behavior, certain activities that depend on a current record, such as Create Task or Catalog Task are unavailable on scheduled workflows. If your workflow requires one of these activities, consider using a scheduled job that inserts a record to start the workflow instead of using a scheduled workflow.

To schedule a workflow, navigate to Workflow > Scheduled Workflows and click New. Populate the following fields:

Field Description

A unique name for the scheduled workflow.


Select an existing published workflow to be triggered at the specified date, time, or interval.


If selected, the scheduled workflow will be triggered at the appropriate time.

Application Specifies the type of application, such as Global.

A choice list to determine when the workflow should be triggered. Options are:

  • Daily: At a particular hour every day.
  • Weekly: On a particular day of the week.
  • Monthly: On a particular day of the month
  • Periodically: After every set duration.
  • Once: At one specific date and time.

For daily/weekly/monthly scheduled workflows, the time of day to run the workflow.


For weekly scheduled workflow, the day of the week to run the workflow. For monthly scheduled workflows, the day of the month to run the workflow.

Repeat Interval For periodical workflows, the interval between workflows, beginning from the Starting date and time.

For periodical workflows, the first date and time to run the workflow. For scheduled workflows run once, the date and time to run the workflow.