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Wizard panels

Wizard panels are screens that appear in a defined order. Each step in a wizard is represented by a panel.

A wizard panel prompts users to answer questions. Wizard panel type-specific information is:
  • Title - label that appears above the panel in wizard view.
  • Description - text that appears above questions in wizard view.
  • Variables - questions that collect user input. To learn more, see Wizard Variables.
Note: The System Wizards application is not active by default.

Catalog order and checkout panels

What catalog order and checkout panels display.

A catalog order panel displays listings for service catalog items in tabbed view. A catalog checkout panel displays an order confirmation screen for the items on the preceding catalog order panel. Use these panels to create an order guide using wizards.

KB viewers

What a KB viewer panel displays.

A KB Viewer panel displays a knowledge base article. KB Viewer type-specific information is:
  • KB Article - reference to the desired knowledge base article
  • Title - label that appears above the article in wizard view

Record generators

A record generator panel creates a record in a table, such as an incident or change request.

There is no transition after the Record Generator. The following table includes fields specific to the Record Generator.

Table 1. Generator type-specific information
Title Definition
Table table in which to create a record (select Global when using a script)
Template (optional) define field values on the new record using a template
Final view (optional) enter the view in which to show the submitted form (such as ESS)
Script script that runs when the panel is used. To learn more, see wizard scripts .
Field setters define field values in the target table.

Field setters

A field setter defines a field value for a record created by a record generator.

Define field setters using:

Table 2. Field setters
Field Definition
Template Name of the record generator panel.

To define a static value (the same for each record created by the record generator), select Set field to a specific value.

To define a value based on a wizard variable, select Set field to a variable.

Field Select the field name.
Value Enter the value (static) or select the wizard variable name.

Redirect panel

A Redirect panel specifies a URL to which the user is taken upon transition to the panel.

Redirect type-specific information is:
  • URL - URL location to which user should be taken
  • Advanced - select this option to use a script
  • Script - script that runs when the panel is used. To learn more, see wizard scripts .

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