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System email log and mailboxes

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System email log and mailboxes

The system email log records all emails that the instance creates or receives. System mailboxes are filtered views of this log.

Every notification email that the instance creates or receives is recorded in an Email [sys_email] record. You can navigate to a log of these records at System Logs > Emails.

The System Mailboxes are filtered views of the Emails [sys_email] table. The instance assigns an email record to a system mailbox depending on the values of the Type and State fields. For more information, see System mailboxes.

The following fields can be included in the layout of the system log and any of the system mailboxes:

Table 1. Email log
Field Description
Mailbox The system mailbox that lists this email record. The instance sets the value of this field according to the values of the Type and State fields.
State The current state of the email (Error, Ignored, Processed, or Ready).
Receive type The type of inbound email (None, Forward, New, or Reply).
Type The status of the email. Choices are:
  • received: The server received this email.
  • received - ignored: The server received this email, but it was ignored by the instance for inbound email action purposes. Typically, these emails are either spam or auto-replies. See the Error String field for details.
  • send - failed: The server has attempted to send the email and failed. See the Error String field for details.
  • send - ignored: The server skipped sending this email. Typically, this is for an email which was generated but lacked a recipient email address or is a duplicate email. See the Error String field for details.
  • send - ready: The email is ready to be sent, but has not been sent out by the mail server. Typically, an email remains in this state for only a short time.
  • sent: The email was sent by the instance without any errors or issues.
Target A Document ID reference to the record if the email is generated by an insert, update, or delete of a particular record.

The name of the user, from the user record, of the instance from which the email notification was sent.

Note: This is a string field.
Notification Type The type of notification. Choices are:
  • None
  • SMS
  • SMTP
UID The unique ID of the email stored on the server.
Created The date and time of the email activity for the locale of the machine running the instance.
Deleted For inbound email, indicates whether the email was deleted from the email server.
Weight The weight of the email, which determines the sending priority relative to other notifications on the same table.
Importance An indication that the email was sent with a changed level of importance, such as Urgent.
Originating Event and Notification For emails generated by notifications, an embedded list that stores the event and notification that created the email.
Subject The email subject. For notifications, you create the subject text in System Notification > Email > Notifications.
Error String The error string captured from the email server to determine why the email was not sent. This is logged only if the email is send-failed.
Recipients The email addresses of the recipients.
Body The body of the email, displayed in raw HTML markup. Use the related link Preview HTML Body to see the body text as rendered HTML.
Content type The email content type.
Headers Any headers embedded in the email.