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Build a subscription user set

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Build a subscription user set

You can create a user set using either of two methods: Configure a filter that selects particular users from the User [sys_user] table or specify a particular set of user groups from the Group [sys_user_group] table.

Before you begin

Role required: usage_admin or admin


  1. Open the Subscription User Sets page: Navigate to Subscription Management > Subscription User Sets.
  2. Click New and then enter a unique Name (for example, Fulfiller users in the IT department) and Description for the user set.
  3. Use one of the following methods to specify the Source of the users that you will add to the user set:
    User [sys_user] The Conditions setting is a standard ServiceNow condition builder.
    1. Specify the filters that determine which users to extract from the table. The extracted users make up the user set. For example, filter for [role] [is] [itil].
    2. Click to view the number of users that the filter generates.
    Group [sys_user_group] Unlock the Groups box and add appropriate groups.
  4. When the list is correct, click Submit or Update.
    The user set that you created is available to add to any subscription.