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Subscription Management admin guide

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Subscription Management admin guide

You use the ServiceNow® Subscription Management application to review and manage how purchased subscriptions are used on your production instance. You can monitor usage to update subscription levels and to make informed decisions about subscription purchases.

What is a subscription?

In contrast to companies that sell software licenses, ServiceNow sells subscription services.

  • Your organization has purchased a subscription to an application family. The subscription entitles an agreed-upon number of users or resources in your organization to use the applications.
  • For Per-User type subscriptions only, you allocate users to the subscription. As a result, the user is subscribed to the family of applications. For other subscription types, the instance auto-allocates users or resources to the subscription.
  • For your organization to comply with its service contract, only subscribed users or resources should use a subscription application family.
  • The Subscription Management application monitors your purchased subscriptions on production instances only.

How do you use Subscription Management?

The usage_admin can perform the following tasks:
  • Receive and view subscriptions that your organization has purchased.
  • Monitor and adjust allocation levels.
  • Plan for renewing subscriptions.
  • Determine which users (by role, by user group, or by some other criterion) should be subscribed to which Per-User subscription applications.
  • Build user sets.
  • Allocate users and user sets to each of the Per-User subscriptions.
  • Manage user sets as users, roles, and groups change over time.