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Configure your Password Reset process to auto-enroll users

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Configure your Password Reset process to auto-enroll users

To simplify management, many organizations auto-enroll users in the Password Reset program. Every base-system verification type enables you to specify automatic enrollment for your process.

Before you begin

Role required: password_reset_admin or admin

About this task

To enable automatic enrollment, you configure settings for the verification type that your Password Reset process is based on.


  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Extensions > Verification Types.
  2. Click the verification type for the verification that your Password Reset process uses. The verification type for each base-system verification is identified in Password Reset verifications.
  3. On the Verification Types page, specify the following settings:
    Field Description
    Enrollment check Script that determines whether a user is enrolled for verification.
    Note: For automatic enrollment to work, the Enrollment check script must return true. This may require additional setup by the admin to ensure that the preconditions are met. For example, for the SMS Code verification type, records must be populated in particular tables.
    If no script is specified when Automatic Enrollment is selected, a default script is provided.
    Automatic enrollment Select the check box to auto-enroll users.
    Note: If Automatic enrollment is not selected, then you must provide an enrollment UI macro and enrollment processor script as described in Create a custom Password Reset verification type.
  4. Repeat the procedure for all verifications that your Password Reset process uses.