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Deprecated mail server properties

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Deprecated mail server properties

In previous releases, you could configure email accounts from the Email Properties page.

Starting with the Geneva release, you must configure email accounts from the System Mailboxes > Email Accounts module. Properties related to email accounts are deprecated. The same functionality in these deprecated properties is configured on the Email Account form.

Properties deprecated in the Geneva release

  • SMTP mail server (
  • SMTP account (
  • Outgoing mail display name (
  • SMTP account password (
  • POP3 mail server (glide.pop3.server)
  • POP3 account (glide.pop3.user)
  • POP3 account password (glide.pop3.password)
  • POP3 server port (110) (glide.pop3.port)
  • Connect to POP3 server using SSL encryption (
  • SMTP server requires username and password authentication (glide.smtp.auth)
  • SMTP server port (25) (glide.smtp.port)
  • SMTP Encryption (glide.smtp.encryption)
  • [Legacy] TLS security for SMTP (glide.smtp.tls)