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Email layouts

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Email layouts

Create reusable content for the message body of email templates.

Figure 1. Email layout overview
Sample Email Layout record for Demo Layout - Go to Instance Button. This record consists of a single column HTML table with rows for a header, body, button, and footer.
Administrators can use email layouts to:
  • Ensure all email notifications have a consistent layout such as always displaying a header, body, and footer.
  • Display static content on all email notifications such as a company logo or a background.
  • Declare inline styles available for use in the message body of an email template such as setting a text font, size, and color.
  • Provide users with links to common response actions such as unsubscribe from a notification or manage notification preferences.
Note: To display dynamic content such as mail scripts, use email templates. For more information, see Create an email template.
Email layouts insert HTML elements into the message body of email templates. Any style elements you define in the email layout are available to the email template. Email layouts support style sheets in these formats.
  • Internal style sheets defined within a <style> element.
  • Inline styles within a style attribute.

By default, the system includes several sample layouts administrators can use to create their own layouts. Administrators can create email layouts using an inline HTML editor or manually entering HTML code. The system stores email layout records in the Email Layout [sys_email_layout] table.