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Link to related records

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Link to related records

A notification can link to a related record by specifying a reference field in front of the ${URI} or ${URI_REF} parameters.

Format the related record link as follows:
  • ${<reference field that contains the related record you want to display>.URI}
  • ${<reference field that contains the related record you want to display>.URI_REF}

For example:

Table 1. Related records
Related record to provide link to Notification record table Reference field Samples
Related task record to be approved from an approval notification Approval [sysapproval_approver] Approval for [sysapproval]
  • ${sysapproval.URI}
  • ${sysapproval.URI_REF}
Related problem record in an incident notification Incident Problem [problem_id]
  • ${problem_id.URI}
  • ${problem_id.URI_REF}

For example, the following notification template produces the email links in the picture below:

Click here to view Incident: ${URI_REF}
Click here to view Related Problem: ${problem_id.URI_REF}
Figure 1. Related record link