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Document attachments on an email notification

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Document attachments on an email notification

You can attach documents and reports to email notifications by scripting or linking to the sys ID of the record.

You can include all attachments from the source record with the notification. For example, if an incident update generates a notification, you can include all attachments from the incident record with the notification. To include all attachments from the source record, select the check box for the Include attachments field. Note that email messages, including attachments, cannot exceed the maximum email size. This size includes MIME encoding, which increases total attachment size by approximately 37%.

Attaching documents with scripting

Using scripting, you can attach documents by linking to them, or you can attach various types of reports by specifying their IDs in the system.

Linking to an attachment

You can add attachments to a notification by linking to the attachment record in the message of the notification. Linking to attachment records in this fashion requires using email notification scripting. For example:
template.print ( 'Attachment: <a href="/' + gr. sys_id + '">' + gr. file_name + '</a>\n ' ) ;

Attaching reports using the Sys ID

You can also attach various types of reports, including gauges, dashboards, and charts, to a notification. The scripts to attach these reports take the following syntax:

X is the type of report you want to attach (reportID, gaugeID, dashboardID, or chartID).

Y is the sys ID of the report, gauge, dashboard, or chart to be attached.

For example:
  • ${report:reportID:<abc123>}
  • ${report:gaugeID:<abc123>}
  • ${report:dashboardID:<abc123>}
  • ${report:chartID:<abc123>}