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Create a MetricBase trigger

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Create a MetricBase trigger

Create a trigger to run a script. The trigger is based on static thresholds you create. Data is checked when added to the MetricBase database.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

To create a trigger, select the metric, create a filter to select the records to be evaluated against the trigger criteria, define the trigger criteria, and write the script to run when the trigger criteria are met.
Note: The script is not used to determine when the trigger is triggered.

After the trigger has been created, you can specify the trigger levels. Trigger levels define a value or range of values and are part of the trigger criteria. The trigger level whose criteria has been met is one of the parameters to the trigger script. You can define one or more trigger levels for a trigger.

You can use the condition builder to use any field in the table containing the metric to specify the records to be used by the trigger criteria.

A trigger script should have a short execution time. Do not write a script that performs significant amounts of processing. Instead, update a field or create an event and then exit.


  1. Navigate to MetricBase > Trigger Definitions, and click New.
    The MetricBase Trigger New Record form is shown.
  2. Fill in the fields as needed.
    Table 1. MetricBase trigger form
    Field Description
    Name Name for the trigger.
    Aggregator Specify the aggregation to be done, or none.
    Window Specify the time period to use for the aggregation.

    This field appears when Min, Max, or Average is selected from the Aggregator field.

    Table name Specify the table that contains the metric. Only tables that have a metric field are shown in the list.
    Metric Specify the metric.

    When you select a metric, the Table name field is updated for the selected metric.

    Active Specify if the trigger is to be used.
    Filter Specify the criteria for selecting records from the table.
    Description Describe the trigger.
    Script Specify the script to run when the trigger criteria are met.
  3. Click Submit.