Create a MetricBase trigger level

Define levels or ranges for a trigger.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The trigger must be defined before you can create a trigger level. Trigger bands must not overlap.


  1. Navigate to MetricBase > Trigger Definitions, and click the trigger for which you want to add a trigger level.
    The MetricBase Trigger form is shown.
  2. Scroll down to the MetricBase Trigger Levels list, and click New.
    The MetricBase Trigger Level New record form is shown.
  3. Fill in the fields as needed.
    Table 1. MetricBase trigger form
    Field Description
    Trigger This field is pre-filled with the trigger on which you were working. Use the lookup list to select a different trigger.
    Level The level number. Set to the next available number. You can change the number.
    Function The function to be used on the value.
    Band Function To define a range, select the function to be applied to the second value.
    Value The value to cause a trigger. If no band function is selected, the trigger is a fixed number.
    Band Value The second value used to define a range. When a band function is selected, this value is required.

    This field appears when Greater than, Less than, Greater than or is, or Less than or is is selected from the Band Function field.

    Tolerance A range plus or minus around a trigger value or band. After a trigger event has occurred, subsequent calculated values must be outside the value or band plus or minus the tolerance before a second event is triggered.
  4. Click Submit.