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Notification step

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Notification step

Trigger a notification as a step within an action by selecting a record (such as an incident, change request, problem, or user record) to trigger a notification and defining the associated notification.

Notifications is a platform feature. Before triggering a notification as an action step in Flow Designer, ensure that the notification is set up for use in the platform.
  • When you create or update the notification, set the Send when field in the When to send tab of the Notification form to Triggered.
  • Verify that your users have an active primary email channel and that all their notifications are active.

Roles and availability

  • Available as an Action Designer action step. Subject matter experts use the action_designer role to create a custom action with one or more action steps.


Field Description
Record Drag-and-drop an input record or a record from a previous step. This is the record that will trigger a notification.
Note: Some notifications are not associated with a specific record or table, such as the Passwords Require Updating notification. If configuring such a notification, leave this field blank.
Table name Read-only. Set to the table of the triggering record.
Notification Select the notification to be triggered. The notifications that can be selected are associated with the table of the specified record. If no record was selected, you can select a notification that does not have an associated record or table. To create notifications, see Create an email notification.