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Actions can be added to any flow, enabling process analysts to automate Now Platform features without having to write code.

An action is a reusable operation that enables process analysts to automate Now Platform features without having to write code. For example, the Create Record action allows process analysts to generate records in a particular table with particular values when certain conditions occur. Core actions like Create Record require some familiarity with Now Platform tables and fields. Action designers can create application-specific actions to pre-set configuration details. For example, creating a Create Incident Task action ensures that the process analyst uses the correct table and field configuration each time the action is used. You can add application-specific actions by activating the associated spoke.

In Flow Designer, a process analyst adds actions to a flow and defines the configuration options.

Core actions

A core action is a ServiceNow-provided action available to any flow that cannot be viewed or edited from the Action Designer design environment. For example, the Ask for Approval action is a core action that allows process analysts to use Now Platform approvals. Flow Designer provides a set of core actions to automate Now Platform processes. You can add application-specific core actions by activating the associated spoke.

Custom actions

Using a core action enables the process analyst to configure the desired behavior within the flow. To create an action with a pre-set configuration, or to define custom configuration options, a subject matter expert can create a custom action in Action Designer.

Action limit

By default, flows can have no more than 20 actions. To change the default behavior, increase the value of the sn_flow_designer.max_actions system property. However, consider the performance impact that a large flow may have on your instance.