Review solution coverage, distribution, and precision statistics

Use the Solution Statistics dashboard to determine if a solution has sufficient precision and coverage for each class. Identify classes that require configuration or retraining with a new solution definition filter.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin, ml_admin, or ml_report_user.
  • To ensure optimal dashboard display, enable responsive dashboards or change the default dashboard layout.

About this task

The Solution Statistics dashboard lists the precision, coverage, and distribution for each class of active solutions.


  1. Navigate to Agent Intelligence > Reports > Solution Statistics.
    The system displays the Solution Statistics dashboard.
  2. From Filter by solution, select the solution whose statistics you want to review.
  3. From Filter by version, select the solution version whose statistics you want to review.
  4. Click Apply.
    The system updates the dashboard based on the filters selected.
    Bar graph of solution statistics for the default incident categories
  5. Identify classes with unwanted combinations of precision, coverage, and distribution values.
    For example, identify classes that have low precision or coverage but a high distribution.
  6. Identify any missing classes you want the model to include.
    For example, identify any missing incident categories from the Incident classification solution.

What to do next

Update the solution definition filter to include or exclude classes as needed. Configure class precision and coverage to use acceptable values.