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Exclude a class from prediction

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Exclude a class from prediction

Exclude a class from prediction if its precision or coverage statistics do not meet your threshold of usefulness or if you do not want the model to predict a particular output field value. For example, you can exclude a particular incident category from prediction if the solution does not provide sufficient precision or coverage.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin or ml_admin.
  • Train the solution definition whose output field values you want to exclude.

About this task

Excluding a class from prediction only lasts until the solution is next trained. If a class still does not provide sufficient precision or coverage values, you may want to consider deactivating the solution until provides better results.

Typically, you exclude a class from prediction if you only want a person to manually set the excluded class value. This could be because the solution does not offer sufficient precision or coverage or because the class triggers other business logic that requires review or approval.


  1. Navigate to Agent Intelligence > Solutions.
    The system displays the list of available solutions.
  2. Select the solution whose classes you want to exclude.
    This solution must have a State of Solution Complete.
    The system displays the Solution record.
  3. From the Class Confidence related list, select the class you want to exclude.
    The system displays the Class Confidence record.
  4. Review the precision and coverage combinations available from the Precision Coverage Lookups embedded list.
  5. Select the check box for the 100 precision and 0 coverage combination.

    You can only select one check box.

  6. From the Actions on selected rows control, select Apply Values.
    The system displays a Precision / Coverage Setting confirmation window.
  7. Click OK to confirm the change or Cancel to discard it.


The solution excludes the class from all predictions until the next training cycle.

What to do next

If this class will never produce meaningful predictions, consider deactivating the solution or changing the solution definition.