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Confirm a cause

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Confirm a cause

Confirming causes is the last step in finding the cause for structured problem analysis. Structured problem analysis is a process for investigating the cause of a problem.

About this task

The final step in the structured problem analysis process is to confirm the cause and learn from previous mistakes by:
  • Considering underlying issues.
  • Considering possible additional areas of concern.
  • Deciding how to avoid similar problems in future.


  1. Open the cause record.
  2. Check the Confirmed cause check box.
  3. Fill in the additional Extend the Cause and Extend the Fix sections that appear (see table).
    Figure 1. Cause Form View
    Field Description
    Extend The Cause section
    What other damage could this cause create? Any other possible impact to the system identified.
    Where else could the cause create problems? Any other systems that might be affected by the same cause.
    What caused the cause? The underlying factor that caused the cause.
    Extend The Fix section
    What identical things need the same fix? Any other systems that a proposed fix should be applied to.
    What problems could this fix cause? Any possible negative impact from applying a proposed fix.


This concludes the structured problem analysis process. The cause of the problem has been identified, tested, and confirmed.

The overall problem management process can continue.